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Activity Status is current situation of users which indicate their commitment,and shows their unavailability to receive calls in advance to callers.

Incoming calls disturbing during Driving, Meeting, In classroom?

When you are in Driving, Meeting, In classroom, or on a Video Call etc..., sometimes when phone rings or callers try to reach you, may divert your concentration or distracted you from what you are doing exactly.

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Unable to respond callers due to your important task?

Most of the time you may not able to answer call/SMS your situation to multiple callers. It is also annoying factor if gets high number of missed calls when you are on important task.

Then Download Telyfone app,NextGen Phone Dialer

Start Using telyfone phone dialer app, will handle your calls and callers automatically on behalf of you. Telyfone handle even multiple calls and callers.

Select planned activity as call status in Telyfone Dialer

We have Provided activities like Driving,Meeting,Workout,In classroom and more as statuses,you can select status as per your activity,Other fun statuses also available

Telyfone respond callers via SMS/Notification automatically

When your phone rings during incoming call, telyfone will automatically triggers SMS to callers about your activity/situation and you need not to do text manually during status time.

Updates friends, family & others statuses in Realtime

Add your friends, family and colleagues under favourites so that you can track their call status even before calling them and connect them at right time.

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